Don Morin – President

Don Morin is a Métis businessman of Cree and Chipewyan heritage and a family man with a wife and five sons. Growing up in a Fort Resolution fishing family, he has spent his life living and working throughout the Northwest Territories and is now settled in Yellowknife. His extensive experience all across the territory has made him a power house of knowledge on the history, the land, northern safety, and what it means to be a northerner. He is also an avid hunter with a deep respect for the land and is passionate about sharing the Dene heritage. His vision of bringing the aurora borealis together with traditional Aboriginal culture came when he left politics in the late 90s and he has since become a passionate pioneer of Aboriginal tourism.

Hideo Nagatani – Consultant

Hideo has been with Aurora Village for over 10 years and has been an integral part of its growth from a small operation to the multi-facility business catering to more than ten thousand guests from around the world every year. With around 30 years of tourism management experienced based in Japan, New York, Sydney, and Vancouver, he knows both inbound and outbound tourism and has developed a keen sense for high quality tourism products. He has travelled extensively in these regions and around the world and has an eye for what travellers and vacationers want in their destination. He applies this to the Aurora Village experience so our guests thoroughly enjoy their time here and leave with memories of a lifetime.

Clarke Morin – Camp Manager

Clarke has been a part of the family business from the beginning when he was just 16 years old. He has fulfilled many roles, including the 7 years he spent taking care of and training our dog team before handing the metaphorical reigns over to someone else and becoming the Camp Manager. When it comes to living and working in the north, you won’t find a happier person. With a deep love for the winter and a love for working with people and meeting new people, you’ll be sure to see Clarke when you come out for an afternoon at Aurora Village. An avid fan of the outdoors and hunting, he also enjoys showing people his heritage and the land, so make sure you say hi and ask him anything you’d like to know about traditional Aboriginal culture.

Kota Kanamori – Tour Manager

Kota might be better known as the aurora guru. Having been with Aurora Village since 2002 and taken on every role from guide and bus driver to photographer and dog musher, he knows the aurora and the village inside out. Originally from Gifu, Japan, Kota made his way to Yellowknife for the sole purpose of seeing the aurora. What he saw was so amazing, he just couldn’t leave.  For him, it’s about doing something special and when he hears all the guests oohing, ahhing and shouting in wonder of the gliding lights, he knows that’s exactly what he’s doing. He’s also a fishing enthusiast and though he won’t give out the best fishing hole in town, he does consider Prosperous Lake to be one of his favourites. Along with fishing, he harbours a passion for travel and knows what makes a trip, vacation, or tour an experience of a lifetime.