The evening sun reflects off of the lake just outside of your reception. The sky is clear, the stars are starting to come out, and you’re leaning over the railing of the patio, feeling the evening air brush against your skin. The person you just married is holding you tight and your breath leaves you in a sigh of happiness.

At Aurora Village, you’ll have a beautiful place to celebrate and begin your beautiful new life together. 

The Lodge is an elegant venue fitted with beautiful tables to accommodate all of those who you want to come and celebrate your wedding day with you. Our outdoor space provides the perfect lakeside backdrop away from the city, nestled into the natural beauty of the land. And our chef prepares dinner for you and your guests with decadent flair, wonderful presentation, and remarkable flavours for a one-of-kind dining experience.

When it comes to your wedding, we know it’s important to you and so it’s important to us. We want to know what we can do at Aurora Village to make your special day even better!


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