When you come out to Aurora Village, the use of our gerneral heated teepees are included at no extra charge! Teepees are reminiscent of a traditional Aboriginal shelter and ours come in a variety of sizes. They are heated by a wood stove and stocked with hot beverages, tables and chairs so you have a warm place to rest. One of our guides will be in each teepee to answer any questions while keeping the fire stoked and they’ll make sure you don’t miss the aurora while you’re warming up. Inside, you will have a chance to meet some new people from all over the world and maybe even make a few friends!

Or you can have a more intimate night out at Aurora Village in our special ‘honeymoon’ teepee for a more private experience.

Please be aware that although use of our general teepees is included all night for free, there are rental fees for booking a private teepee, which is subject to availability.

***Private Teepee(3 hours)  $200+GST  Max 5 people***

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