Dog Team ride - $95/person + GST

Drive your own Dog Team - $145/person +GST

Combination Dogsled Ride and Drive - $165/person +GST

Travel across the land as northern Aboriginals had once exclusively done – by dog team! Our huskies are a traditional dog team, pulling wood and canvas sleds for an authentic Aboriginal experience.

Watch the world whiz by from the comfort of our traditional sleds as our dogs work together to take you on an exhilarating and safe ride along our beautiful wooded trail. Or if you’re eager to give driving your own team a try, we’ll even let you do that too - after receiving basic instructions from our musher of course!

We also offer a ride-drive combination so you can experience dog sledding with your friends then drive your own team after. With around 70 dogs in our kennel, everyone can ride or drive a team and - did we mention we have puppies?

Make sure you come to the kennel and see all of our dogs, because they are certainly excited to meet you! Want a sneak preview? Just have a look at our online kennel.

As part of the Winter Experience Tour, choose whether you want to ride along as our guides drive a team of huskies through the trees, trails and over frozen lakes or if you want to commandeer your own dog team for the ultimate experience of traditional Aboriginal winter transportation. Available in winter season only. Transportation is included.


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