Transportation is always available

Aurora Village provides transportation to all of our activities so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Whether you are aurora-viewing, taking part in one of our daytime tours, or enjoying a prime meal out at The Dining Hall – we’ll take you there and back.

Bus Departure Times for Summer

Bus Departure Times for Winter

The time changes are due to constant day light changes,as in the winter the Daylight is limited so we can go earlier. In Summer we have to go later because we can get up 18hours of Daylight in the months we are open.

*Buses for all hotels leave at the same times from Aurora Village. For those who purchase an optional same-night extension, there will be buses when the extended aurora-viewing time period ends.

**Exact dates for Departure Times in March depend on which day daylight savings time begins (usually the second Sunday in March)

Note: Transportation is included with all tours and packages.