Additional-night Aurora Viewing Tour

From: $99.75

Come back for more aurora viewing at Aurora Village for reduced price!


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Product Description

Once you experience our Aurora Viewing Tour, we are sure you will want to visit more.

So, for additional nights of Aurora Viewing Tour we are offering a REDUCED rate of $95.00 ($65.00 Child)  plus GST. 

This is the same tour as the First Night Aurora Viewing Tour.  So, you already know the layout of Aurora Village and the services we offer.  Enjoy it fully.

 (For  “Hotel Pick-up Schedule” please click on [Additional Information] tab above.)

Additional Information

Approx hrs.

4.5 hours (including 30 minute transportation one-way to Aurora Village)

Hotel Pick-up Schdule

This is Departure Time. Please be in the lobby of the hotel at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
Our guides will come to the lobby to call you. We do consider on-time departure important. We thank you for your cooperation!


November 20 – March 19
21:00 Chateau Nova
20:55 Explorer Hotel
20:50 Days Inn
20:45 Discovery Inn
20:40 Quality Inn

March 20 – April 13
22:30 Chateau Nova
22:25 Explorer Hotel
22:20 Days Inn
22:15 Discovery Inn
22:10 Quality Inn


August 12 – 31
23:00 Chateau Nova
22:55 Explorer Hotel
22:50 Days Inn
22:45 Discovery Inn
22:40 Quality Inn

September 1 – October 13
22:00 Chateau Nova
21:55 Explorer Hotel
21:50 Days Inn
21:45 Discovery Inn
21:40 Quality Inn
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Please note that each bus does not necessarily stop at all the hotels, but do go directly to Aurora Village .