Buffalo Wildlife Drive Tour

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Come for a drive outside of the city for a chance to see some of the wildlife – wolf, bear, foxes, sand cranes (bird), and if you are really lucky, lynx and eagles – in our area. We are also one of the last places on earth where wild bison still roam.

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Product Description

You’ll be taken to a few popular areas where buffalo (officially called, woodland bison) herds can often be found along Northwest Territories Highway 3.   After passing the community of Behchoko 100km from Yellowknife, the highway will be driving through Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary. You will see herds of bison just at the side of the highway, or even slowly crossing the highway.  Some bisons maybe lying across the road until they notice the traffic. Not only the bisons, but other wildlife such as black bear, woverines, bold eagles, sand cranes, or other rare animals maybe showing up along the highway.  So, please keep your eyes open!   We will slow down or stop when our driver or the guide spots any wildlife.   You have the opportunity to take some photos of these massive animals from the vehicle, and from outside the vehicle when the guide judge it is safe to do so.

We have to be careful as bison can be aggressive when aggravated, so please obey the instructions from the guide.

Though they may frequently be in these vast areas, we cannot guarantee that you will always see bison herds, or any other animals, on the tour.

Minimum 4 guests.

Additional Information

Approximate Hour

4, up to5 hours. (If we do not see the bison herds, we may decide to drive a bit further down than usual.)


13:00 till 18:00

Pick-up Schedule

Please be in the lobby at least 5 minutes before the pick-up time. The guide will come into the lobby to meet you.

August 13 – October 13
13:00 Chateau Nova
12:55 Explorer Hotel
12:50 Days Inn
12:45 Discovery Inn
12:40 Quality Inn