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Our Seasons ( When to visit ? )

Summer / Fall

12 August - 14 October

Winter / Spring

20 November -  14 April

What we do ?

You can choose from individual tours as you plan your vacation last minute,
or combine tours together to book a hassle-free arrangement with our full packages.

Aurora Village offers not just aurora viewing tours,
but also incredible dining experiences and daytime activities.



When you tour with us for three nights of aurora-viewing you have roughly a 95-percent chance of seeing the aurora at least once and if you make it four its almost 100% (its actually 98%… we do the numbers).

Summer/Fall Season
August 12 – October 14

Winter/Spring Season
November 20 – April 13

August – High 18.2°c / Low 10.3°c
September –  High 10.3°c / Low 3.8°c
October – High 1°c / Low -4.4°c
November – High -9.9°c / Low -17.7°c
December – High -19.7°c / Low -27.7°c
January – High -22.7°c / Low -30.9°c
February – High -18.6°c / Low -28.1°c
March – High -11.2°c / Low -23.3°c
April – High 1°c / Low -11°c


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Aurora Village and its amazing team of people love to share the magic and the wonder of the north. Let us be your guide to the stunning landscapes and incredible skies…

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