Discover Yellowknife

Welcome to Yellowknife!

 This is a vibrant city full of friendly people with lots to see and do. With a population of just over 20,000, you’ll see we have a small town feel along with everything you expect in a big city.
Whether you’re looking for somewhere to eat, dance, see art, buy local meals, learn about history, get a cup of coffee or a drink, or even take a photo to prove you braved our cold temperatures – we have it all!

Tourism information and fascinating northern exhibits are available at the Yellowknife City Hall, a short walk from downtown.

No visit is complete without going through Old Town with its many local shops, souvenir stores, and places to eat. Pilot’s Monument is also in Old Town and, after climbing a few flights of stairs, you’ll be rewarded with an impressive view of the city, Great Slave Lake, and Back Bay.

In the summer, there are plenty of places to swim (but we don’t recommend Great Slave Lake – it’s so big and deep that it’s very cold, even in the summer), cast a fishing line, or stop by the Somba K’e Civic Plaza for a farmers’ market full of delicious treats and local crafts every Tuesday from 5:15-7:00 p.m.

When the winter months set in, you can take a drive on the Dettah Ice Road. In March, you can experience the Snow Castle all month long. Wondering what a snow castle is? It’s exactly what it sounds like – a gigantic castle made of snow and ice!

And don’t forget about taking that picture beneath the temperature sign at the YK Centre on Franklin Avenue. Follow these links for more information: