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Common questions...

Yellowknife is right in the middle of the Aurora Oval.
( Meaning we have the highest % chance of seeing Aurora at our latitude on the planet )

The land is around here is really flat, and therefore there are not so many clouds as they don’t get trapped by mountains!

Also, the cold weather makes for less moisture in the atmosphere hence less cloud and more clear skies.

Yellowknife is also a small and isolated city, therefore there is not a lot of light pollution.

When the sky is dark!

Aurora is like the wind, we never know where or when it will appear. Sometimes it’s there all night, other times it comes and goes.

Our seasons run from :

12 August – 14 October 2019

20 November 2019 –  April 14 2020

No sorry! We are a tour company and take people on tours to our Aurora Viewing location – Aurora Village. We work with all the hotels in town providing pickups from local hotels. We have a world call facility of 21 Teepees to provide comfort while Aurora viewing. Head to our about us page to find out more about our facilities.

You can also explore the local Hotels that we include in packages on our tours and packages page.

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12 August - 14 October


20 November -  14 April