Frequently Asked Questions

Look’s great… But what is Aurora Village? How do I get there? This is the page with the most common questions we get asked. You might find your answer and a whole lot more here…

Common Questions

When Can I see Aurora?

When the sky is dark!
Aurora is like the wind, we never know where or when it will appear. Sometimes it’s there all night, other times it comes and goes.
Our seasons run from;
12 August – 14 October
20 November – April 7

Why is Yellowknife the best place in the world for Aurora Viewing?

Yellowknife is right in the middle of the Auroral Oval.
(Meaning we have the highest % chance of see Aurora at our latitude on the planet)
The land around here is really flat, and therefore there are not so many clouds as they dont get trapped by mountains!
Also, the cold weather makes for less moisture in the atmosphere hence less cloud and more clear skies.
Yellowknife is also small and isolated city, therefore there is not a lot of light pollution

What is Aurora Village?

A picturesque gathering of 21 traditional Teepees and hilltop viewpoints surrounding a pristine frozen lake…
Aurora Village is a magical place to experience the best light show on earth. With the Aurora Borealis dancing overhead you can enjoy the comfort and warmth of your woodfire and hot drinks inside a traditional Teepee. Aboriginally owned and operated we are simply the best and most comfortable Aurora experience in Canada.


Do you pick up from Bed and Breakfasts or Air B&B’s

We do not pick-up from individual addresses or B&B’s, but we can pick you up in the listed hotel pick-up locations – you may make your way there to meet our buses. Check the pickup times on your tour from these locations:
Chateau Nova
Explorer Hotel
Nova Inn
Discovery Inn
Quality Inn

Our flight is departing early/arriving late. Can we still join Aurora Viewing tour and can you provide airport transportation?

When you book a Hotel and Aurora viewing Package, we can take care of arrival at certain period. As long as your flight is scheduled in the period, we will arrange arrival pick-up service at Yellowknife airport (YZF)

Flight via Air Canada (AC), or WestJet (WS) arriving in Yellowknife between noon and 10pm.

Your first-night aurora viewing duration may be shorter than normal. It will depend on your flight status, but we will try our best to maximise your first night Aurora viewing tour experience – our goal is always to show you this stunning phenomenon.

If you book only an Aurora Viewing tour, our tour pick-up is fixed and starts at fixed times. It is your responsibility to meet the pick-up on time. We do not refund or reschedule if you miss the tour due to flight delays or cancellations. This is why we usually recommend that our guests join a tour the day after arrival.

Can you guarantee that I will see Aurora? / Do you think I will see Aurora on my dates?

No one can really guarantee if you will see Aurora as it is a natural phenomenon and will depend on the weather. But staying 3-4 nights can give you a 98% chance of seeing it! that’s the best odds in the world. We often have guests who have visited Aurora locations only to be disappointed. Come to Aurora Village to see them!

It’s raining/snowing in town can we still see aurora tonight?

Weather moves quickly. There is often different weather out at the Village, so a lot of the time when it’s raining/snowing in downtown near Great Slave Lake, it’s not raining/snowing at the Village. Also, because there are no mountains in this area, even a small amount of wind is often enough to blow the clouds away, so most of the time it will clear up for at least part of the night.

Can I stay all night at Aurora Village?

Depending on the season you can purchase an 90 minutes extension on the normal tour times so you can enjoy as much time Aurora Viewing as possible!

Do I need to go ‘Aurora Hunting’?

Well in a way but. Hunting to find the best place in the world to see Aurora…Yellowknife! As far as ‘hunting’ for Aurora it is not necessary if you come to Aurora Village you have found the best place and there is no need to drive around for hours trying to escape the crowds on the busy trails. You can enjoy the warmth and comfort of Aurora Village, the Teepees, Dining Hall and then find the right level of seclusion on one of the viewing hills around the village or in a heated seats.

Does Aurora Village have Accomodation?

No sorry! We are a tour company and take people on tours to our Aurora Viewing location – Aurora Village. We work with all the hotels in town providing pickups from local hotels. We have a world-class facility of 21 Teepees to provide comfort while Aurora viewing. Head to our about us page to find out more about our facilities.
You can also explore the local Hotels that we include in packages on our packages page.

Can I drive myself to Aurora Village?

Aurora Village takes great pride in the safety of our guests and ensuring we get you out to the village in the sometimes extreme cold and on possibly icy roads. Let our Bus drivers, who drive the road every day, take this stress away.
If you are comfortable with the driving conditions and you have a booking then contact us with the registration details of your car and we will provide instructions on driving to Aurora Village.
Unauthorized cars will be asked to leave.

Do you rent winter clothes?

Yes, we do! Feel free to add to your booking by adding to the cart or contacting us for existing bookings. See: Winter Clothing

Clothing Rental

Can I rent clothing for 3days when I booked one tour with you?

Rental period will be limited to your tour booking with us. If you booked tours for one day, then we can only provide rental for one day.

Can I just rent boots only?

Sorry, we rent as a set, which includes a parka, winter pants, extreme winter boots, elbow length mitts, and a versatile face mask.

What can I do when I will arrive around 5pm and cannot pick-up rental?

In case you have booked our Aurora-viewing on your arrival date and arrive between rental pick-up time and tour pick-up time, we can arrange delivery to your tour pick-up location before tour time with extra fee. Contact us for the arrangement. Sorry, we do not deliver to other accommodation.